theMay is born out of passion to preserve ethnic cultures

and bring hand-crafted Vietnamese textiles closer to the world.

After one year of framing ideas and sourcing materials,

theMay made Cham’s traditional textile in Ninh Thuan its first collection,

launched on 31st May, 2018 and the journey began


‘Stunning work by theMay. A hidden gem located in a busy city. My friends and i came into the store and fell in love with their accesories . We had awsome time to discovery the beauty of Vietnamese ethnic minorities’s culture in the store. A genuine artist’s work with a individual spirit! ‘

‘A great place to grab a unique, intricately crafted present for your loved one or yourself while learning more about Vietnam’s ethnic minority cultures. Convenient location too: 2′ walking from the famous pink church and Tan Dinh market. Highly recommend for a little break from the touristy spots nearby’

A great place where you can find original souvenirs, pottery, fabric and handmade products with raw materials coming from tribes and villages all around the country. Something very different from the usual tourists trap you find at the market.

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