Our Story


theMay – Handcrafted accessories from traditional ethnic textiles in Vietnam

To most ethnic groups in Vietnam, hand-making textiles is an important part of their traditional cultures.  To ethnic minorities especially, the distinctive techniques and patterns of their textiles not only showcase their exquisite craftsmanship, but also represent their cultural pride. Handcrafted from these precious fabrics, theMay products will take you through many cultural journeys to better appreciate the beauty of diverse traditions in Vietnam.

theMay – Our Vision

Traditional craftsmanship, especially that of ethnic minorities, despite its richness and uniqueness, has been struggling to find its place in the age of drastic globalization. Deeply conscious of that, we established theMay with the vision to promote the understanding and appreciation of ethnic minority cultures in Vietnam. theMay aims to support these traditions in reasserting themselves in the face of our ever-changing world. 



theMay – The Products

Focusing on handmade textiles by artisans from various ethnic minorities, theMay provides a wide range of handcrafted accessories to match your personal style. Our commitment to reviving interest in the special but declining fabrics is embedded in the modern interpretation of traditional materials and in the cultural narratives behind each product.